The eyebrow trend in South Korea is the soft, natural, straight (or semi-arched) look. Therefore, a lot of South Korean cosmetics carry eyebrow powder as well to create a natural shade to the eyebrows.There are many types of brow products that you may use to style your brows.

BOM’s 3in1 Triple Edge Eyebrow is conveniently packed with all your eyebrow needs as it is equipped with an edged eyebrow crayon, smudge cushion, and a screw brush — all in one stick.


We love how BOM puts a lot of care into the ingredients they choose to incorporate in their product formulas. BOM 3in1 Triple Edge Eyebrow is formulated with beneficial ingredients for your skin such as rosehip oil, apricot seed oil, macadamia oil, and avocado oil.



Price ~ ₩ 13,000 ($12 USD)
Quantity ~ 0.2g / 0.4oz
Skin Type ~ Any

Description ~ 3-in-1 eyebrow stylus combined with a soft waterproof formula + smudge cushion + screw brush.

How to Use ~ Using the crayon, define arch of eyebrows. Using the cushion, fill in desired spots. Using the screw brush, gently brush upward to tame hair.

1. 3-in-1 convenient brow tool
2. Slanted tip edge
3. Waterproof formula

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*ZALORA ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.



BOM even chooses good ingredients to include in their eyebrow formula! The 3in1 Triple Edge Eyebrow contains:

1. Rosehip Oil – Rich in vitamins and minerals
2. Apricot Seed Oil – Lycopene which enhances skin vitality and elasticity
3. Macadamia Seed Oil – Moisturizing
4. Avocado Oil – Protects against environmental stressors

The product is very convenient as you have access to an eyebrow pencil, a smudge cushion, and a screw brush all in one. The formula is waterproof and with all the beneficial oils incorporated the finish is smooth and natural looking.


The product box is a slim matte black box, with the BOM logo engraved in silver writing. There is a simple drawing of the product that shows it’s components: the triple edge pencil, smudge cushion, and screw brush.

The product casing itself is slim. Each component of the stylus has a lid. The coloured portion of the stylus where the smudger is indicates the product colour.

To add more convenience, the shape of the eyebrow pencil is a slanted flat tip, so you don’t need to sharpen it.


The 3 colours that 3in1 Triple Edge Eyebrow come in are:

#1 Grey Brown
#2 Dark Brown
#3 Choco Brown

Texture & Wear

As South Korean makeup focuses on keeping things natural, the eyebrow pencil draws on light, not heavy. The powder is also not too darkly pigmented which great for blending or filling in gaps. It is also convenient that the lead of the pencil is a slanted flat tip so constant re-sharpening is not required.

Transfer & Longevity

The eyebrow pencil lasts quite well throughout the day, especially if you set the eyebrow with some translucent powder or eyebrow wax.


Overall, this eyebrow pencil is great for anyone who desires:

Multi-functional eyebrow pencil
Natural shaded colours
Quality ingredients in their products

You can check out BOM products on ZALORA.

*ZALORA ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.

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