Lip tints are a very popular makeup trend in South Korea for its long lasting and natural finish. They can be applied on the lips fully or smudged to create a gradient look. However, some lip tints tend to be too drying because it is a water based product and usually do not contain moisturizing butters or oils. However, BOM’s Matt Holic Tint offers a unique approach to the lip tint trend as the formula is more of a creamy consistency rather than liquid.

The Matt Holic Tint promises vivid long-lasting colours, matte finish, and a comfortable feel on the lips.

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Price ~ 19,000 KRW
Quantity ~ 8.5g / 0.29oz
Skin Type ~ Any

Description ~ Tint with a matte finish and a variety of colours that offer bright pigments and made with a formula for a feather-like feel.

How to Use ~ Glide the lipstick on the lips, starting from middle of the lips and and then the edges. Layer for a more intense colour or brush with your finger it for a lighter or gradient look.

1. Long lasting all day wear
2. Matte finish yet non-drying
3. Brightly pigmented colours
4. Weightless finish

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BOM recently updated their product packaging to offer a more modern and chic look. The box is matte black with a white text box reading the product name and BOM’s logo. The case is very unique with the BOM logo and a small stripe serving as a window to show the tint’s colour. The case is smooth matte black.

The lid for the tint is a screw-on lid with a lip brush attached. The brush is soft and easy to control.


The five colours that Matt Holic Tint come in are:

#101 Miss Cherry
#201 Sugar Coral
#102 Vampire Red

#301 Lovely Rose
#501 Vintage Brick


Texture & Wear

As BOM promised, the colours of the products are very vivid and lively. When applying the product, it starts off as a natural tone but can be easily layered for a bolder look.  To create a natural gradient, apply on the inner lips first and use a cotton swab or finger to gently smudge the pigments outward.

The product is very comfortable as it has a creamy consistency. What makes this formula so smooth and creamy? It is the addition of rosehip oil, apricot seed oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, vitamin E, and pearl extract that creates that texture! We think it is a huge plus that these beneficial and quality ingredients are added to the product to provide some healing and moisturizing properties.

Transfer & Longevity

The tint stays on the lips quite well, even after eating. After a day of eating and drinking the fade is slight but because it is a tint, the colour does stain the lips which offer additional long-lasting wear! The transfer is only slight as it does dry on the lips like most tints.


Overall, this lip tint is great for anyone who desires:

Vivid and bright colours
Long-lasting formula
Weightless feel
Tints that are non-drying

You can check out BOM products on ZALORA.

*ZALORA ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.

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