BOM My Lipstick is the first lip that BOM released. The lipstick comes in 7 colours, 1 orange shades, 3 pink shades and 3 red shades. The product is characterized by its unique magnetic slim matte casing and the lipstick’s light and creamy texture which comes from the vitamin E and 3 other types of oil. Wearing this lipstick will give you brightly pigmented lips that lasts throughout the day.

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“Smooth, non-sticky, completely adhesive matte formula. 
High colour printing technology matte that doesn’t dull.
Silky black matte metalic case.”



Price ~ 16,000 KRW ($14 USD)
Quantity ~ 3.5g / 0.12oz
Skin Type ~ Any

Description ~ Smooth, non-sticky, completely adhesive matte formula for all day wear. High colour printing technology matte that doesn’t dull. Silky black matte metalic case.

How to Use ~ Glide the lipstick on the lips, starting from middle of the lips and and then the edges. Layer  for a more intense  colour.

1. Long lasting all day wear
2. Matte finish yet non-drying
3. Brightly pigmented colours
4. Magnetic lid

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*ZALORA ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.





The lipstick comes in a black matte box with BOM’s logo engraved in silver writing and the name of the shade as well.

The lipstick case is matte black with BOM printed on the cap. The case is simple yet chic. The feel is very comfortable, similar to a high-quality soft rubber material – many products do not have a unique casing like this. The cap is magnetic so whenever you close the lid of the lipstick, you wont have to worry about the lid becoming lose in your bag and staining the inside!


The seven colours that My Lipstick come in are:

#801 My Red
#802 My Cherry Red
#803 My Orange
#804 My Coral
#805 My Light Coral
#806 My Rose
#807 My Deep Red

Although on the company website the swatches are very bright and bold, they can be easily adjusted by how you apply it. One swipe is very pigmented and vibrant so, you can adjust the pigment to be lighter by applying it lightly in the middle and spreading it with your finger or a cosmetic tool.


Texture & Wear

The feel of this lipstick is very comforting. During application you can feel just how smooth the lipstick glides onto the lips. It is moisturizing because it contains 4 different types of beneficial oils, including vitamin E. Despite it’s smooth and hydrating texture, the finish is matte and does not feel heavy at all.

Transfer & Longevity

Because the texture of the lipstick is smooth and creamy, there is some slight transfer. Also, because of the creamy texture one can wear this even without lip balm as it does have good moisturizing properties. The colour stands up quite well to food and as BOM promised, it stays brightly pigmented.


Overall, this lipstick is great for anyone who desires:

Bright pigments
Matte finishes
Hydrating products

You can check out BOM products on ZALORA.

*ZALORA ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.

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