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It is not common to see many lip liners in cosmetic stores in South Korea. Many South Koreans prefer the natural lip look, and lip pencils are often used to further sculpt the lips to a more defined look and make them appear fuller. It also helps to prevent lipstick from smudging or bleeding onto the outer parts of the lip. Rather than a fully defined lip, South Koreans tend to prefer the gradation look.

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BOM’s Seven Days Lip Pencil is the best of both worlds. It is multi-functional as you can use it either as a lip liner or because of its soft texture, use it for a gradated look. The lip pencil will also help your lipstick last longer as it is waterproof. You may use it with whichever lipstick you own, or you can pair it with one of BOM’s My Lipstick according to their suggested colour pairing.

Today we introduce to you BOM’s Seven Days Lip Pencil.


Price ~ 6,000 KRW ($5 USD)
Quantity ~ 1.5g / 0.05oz
Skin Type ~ Any

Description ~ A waterproof multi-lip pencil with velvety formula that imparts a naturally blended gradation look.

How to Use ~ Sharpen the lip pencil to a pointy edge. Line the lip line. Gently blend from the center and outward.

1. Delicate and soft texture for drawing
2. Long lasting
3. Variety of colours
4. Multi-use

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*ZALORA ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.




The product comes capped and wrapped in a plastic film for protection against tampering. The pencil is sleek, matte, and black with BOM’s logo engraved in a white-silver print. The end of the pencil has the colour indication of the product.


The 7 colours that Seven Days Lip Pencil come in are:

#1 Topaz Skin [#806 My Rose]
#2 Opal Coral [#804 My Coral]
#3 Fire Opal Orange [#803 My Orange]
#4 Pink Sapphire [#805 My Light Coral]
#5 Tourmarine Red [#802 My Cherry Red]
#6 Ruby Red
#7 Garnet Red [#801 My Red]

The colours in brackets [ ] are the BOM My Lipstick colours that are suggested to pair with the lip pencils.


Texture & Wear

What is great about this product is that the lip pencil glides very easily on the lips — super smooth! The opaqueness of the product can be adjusted by how much you swap as well. However, the formula is great so even with one swipe you get a vibrant colour. You can either wear it alone or line the lips and use BOM My Lipstick as a pairing. The texture of the lip pencil is very comfortable as well! There is no chalkiness and feels weightless on the lips – even with lip balm.

Transfer & Longevity

With a layer of lip balm on the lips, there was only a barely noticeable transfer onto a tissue. However, without lip balm, there would be almost no transfer.

Overall, this lip pencil is great for anyone who desires:

Multi-functional lip pencils
Gradation look
Soft textured lip pencil
Long lasting lip pencil

You can check out BOM products on ZALORA.

*ZALORA ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Thank you for reading.

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