There are always different kind of eyeliners being released into the market that differ in the tools equipped, the type of packaging, the colours, and the formula.

In the West, eyeliner looks tend to be more bold by creating a thick and clean line or, by smudging the eyeliner for a smokey look.

South Korean eyeliner trends tend to be more natural, or semi-bold by following the natural Asian curve of the eye to create a wing or cat look. South Korean cosmetic companies also tend to release a wider range of colours than Western companies. We often only see different shades of black or brown-black colours in the West, while South Korean cosmetic companies in addition to brown and black release purple, beige, white, pink, red, and pearl infused colours.

Today this post will address the differences between pencil, gel, and liquid liners.

Pencil Liner

Pencil liners are often an ideal choice for beginners as it is easy to apply and correct mistakes. As there is more control in using pencil liners, one can build up their ability to create precise lines. It is great for everyday or natural looks as colours typically do not show up as bold as other types of eyeliners.

However, pencil liners are not as smooth as other liners and may be more difficult to create a clean and sharp edge. It also tends to smudge or bleed after prolonged wear. They also do not last very long as you need to sharpen it frequently.


Gel Liner

Gel liners are creamy, thick, and smoother to apply than pencil liners. It is great for those who like to experiment as the intensity of gel liners can be adjusted. Because of its creamy consistency, the smudged or smokey eyeliner look is easier to create.

Gel liners are often in a  pot container with a pointed brush applicator either attached to the lid or separately as a slanted brush. Gel liners can be waterproof. One negative about gel liners is that the product in the pot often dry out quickly.

In South Korea, gel liners tend to be in pencil form. These gel liners are easier to apply than the pot and brush form as they work just like a pencil liner. For example, BOM’s My Eyeliner is a gel eyeliner in pencil form.

Liquid Liner

Liquid liners are often equipped with an extremely thin pointed brush end. The product is either in a tube or the liner is similar to a felt pen and the size of the brush varies. Liquid liners are more watery than gel liners and are very good for achieving sharp and clean edges for a bolder look. Natural looks can be achieved by drawing smaller or thinner lines. Liquid liners are long lasting as most are smudge proof and water proof, so if you are one to wear makeup all day, liquid liner would be great for you.



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