Last time, AUSRA’s DayBreak Matte Lipstick was discussed. Today, their Day Break Moist Lipstick will be introduced in this post. If matte lipsticks aren’t your preferred choice of makeup, considering trying their moist type! Some tend to avoid using ‘moist’ type products because they leave a sticky residue, but Day Break Moist Lipstick challenges that belief of ‘moist’ type lipsticks to introduce you to a lipstick that is lightweight.

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One application provides all day vivid colour.
Once applied, the colour stays vivid as it completely adheres to the lips, maintaining that same freshly applied colour throughout the day.




Price ~ ₩28,000 ($25 USD)
Quantity ~ 3.5g / 0.12oz
Skin Type ~ Any

Description ~ Moist lipstick that has romantic and charming pigment-rich color with lightweight, and semi-lustrous, finish.

How to Use ~ Apply directly to lips. Start in the center of lips and smooth outwards toward corners of mouth.

1. Vividly coloured all day wear.
2. Soft texture on the lips.

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*ZALORA ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.



The Day Break Moist Lipstick comes in 5 colours. This lipstick gives you a healthy moist glow to your lips — the sheen is light so it is not overpowering like glossy type lipsticks. This lipstick is also formulated to provide a smooth and comfortable texture to the lips — no creasing or cracking. The vivid colour adheres well upon initial application and provides a long day wear.


The lipstick comes in a small sleek and simple matte feel box. The product name and AUSRA is printed in silver on the front.

The product case is matte black, sturdy, and not bulky. The shape of it is unique as the middle slightly dips inward, creating a curved shape.


The five colours the lipstick comes in are:

#1 Dolce Red
#2 Sensual Rose
#3 Blooming Coral
#4 Rose Melody
#5 Deep Kiss

The red, pink, and plum colours in the DB Moist Lipstick line are mellow and mature. Great for both the daily look and formal events!


Texture & Wear

The texture of this lipstick as it claims — is very smooth and comfortable. Just like the matte lipstick, you can barely tell you are wearing lipstick yet the pigments are so vivid. The lines can be made clean and crisp as there is no bleeding or spreading of the colour. As this is a moist type, it provides some hydration and the dewy finish gives a healthy plump to the lips.

Transfer & Longevity

Just as the Day Break Matte Lipstick, the product does not transfer that much on a coffee mug. Even after a bowl of spicy noodle soup, the colour stayed — barely needing to retouch it!


Overall, this lipstick is great for anyone who desires:

Long lasting wear
Wide range of colours
Light and comfortable formula
Full coverage pigments

You can check out AUSRA products on ZALORA.

*ZALORA ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australie, and New Zealand.

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