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South Korea has recently begun to adopt Western ideals to beauty and  cosmetics in the past years. One example is matte-finish cosmetics such as foundation, powders, eye makeup, and especially, lipstick. The worries about matte lipsticks however, include being some types are easily transferred, poor pigments, and too drying. Here is AUSRA’s take on the matte lip trend with their Day Break Matte Lipstick.

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Naver Blogger absorbit2:

“On seriously dull skin – Wow! Can you see closely?

The matte type colour is better than I thought – the colour turned out well in the first application.”



Price ~ ₩28,000 ($25 USD)
Quantity ~ 3.5g / 0.12oz
Skin Type ~ Any

Description ~ Matte lipstick that has gorgeous and seductive pigment-rich color with lightweight and silky finish.

How to Use ~ Apply directly to lips. Start in the center of lips and smooth outwards toward corners of mouth.

1. Vividly coloured all day wear.
2. Soft texture matte.
3. Minimal transfer.

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*ZALORA ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australie, and New Zealand.



The Day Break Matte Lipstick comes in 7 colours in which you can either fill your lips with these vivid colours or lightly apply for a gradient style. The lipstick has a soft velvety texture that finishes matte and lasts all day looking like its first application as it does not easily transfer.


The lipstick comes in a small sleek and simple matte feel box. The product case is matte black, sturdy, and not bulky. The colour sample on the box is quite accurate to the actual colour of the lipstick.

The design of the lipstick is the typical shape, a slanted cylinder like shape. The typical lipstick shape is always practical during application. ‘AUSRA’ is printed on the silver base of the case.


The seven colours that Day Break Matte Lipstick come in are:

#1 Red Brandy
#2 Orange Cocktail
#3 Sugar Fantasy
#4 Saturday Night
#5 Sweet Dahlia
#6 Kiss Me
#7 Mood Wine

AURRA’s matte line has a good range of reds, pinks, and orange. So, whether you feel like wearing a bright colour or dark colour, they have a colour to suit anyone’s preference!


Texture & Wear

The lipstick glides very easily on the lips. Unlike some lipsticks, it does not feel heavy and you wouldn’t be able to tell you are wearing lipstick at all. Even with a simple glide, the product’s pigments transfers on the lips so well and is very vibrant. Although it is advertised as a matte product, the smooth texture doesn’t dry out the lips that much.


The lipstick lasts quite long — there is only a slight transfer to coffee mugs. At the end of the day (with some retouches after consuming food) the lipstick lasted very well.


Overall, this lipstick is great for anyone who desires:

 Long lasting wear
Range of mature colours
Light and comfortable formula
Full coverage pigments
Hydrated lips

You can check out AUSRA products on ZALORA.

*ZALORA ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australie, and New Zealand.

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