Precious Skin Care Ingredients Ladies Need to Know


Precious Skin Care Ingredients Ladies Need to Know

We are so excited to introduce Lady & Skin’s seven new products. It is a brand that is full of glitz and glam inside and outside its containers. This product has an opulent packaging that reflects the high-end formulations. It contains some of the most fabulous ingredients anyone has ever heard. Let us check out four of our favorite items.


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Even if the concept of filling our faces with 24-karat gold is not a hard one to sell for people who love having some luxury in their lives, this precious metal also has a lot of benefits to our skin. Colloidal gold or particles suspended in the liquid may get injected in people who suffer from the sickness called rheumatoid arthritis. You may apply the same thinking to skin care since gold is what other people use as an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredient that prevents the breakdown of elastin and collagen. These are the proteins that can keep our skin firm and plump. Check out the Royal Gold Concentrated Serum from Lady & Skin.


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Propolis is a part of the things that bees create. The other two are honey and royal jelly. These three are skincare favorites. If you are into skincare, don’t fret the bees since they create the precious natural ingredients that Cleopatra loved to use. Propolis is a ” bee glue.” Bees make this resin-like substance from the trees and plants, and they secrete it to protect the hive, seal the honeycombs and fill the crevices. It earned its reputation as an antibiotic of nature. Propolis is also fantastic for people with the skin full of acne since it is antiseptic, non-comedogenic and anti-inflammatory. Check out Lady & Skin’s Royal Gold Black Bee Propolis Mask.


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Fish eggs may not sound as glamorous as gold, but this coveted delicacy is what people love in skin care. It is rich in nutrients like the Omega three and six fatty acids that can trigger hormones to produce collagen and prevent cellular inflammation. Caviar has Selenium and Potassium that have the same elasticity-boosting effects. Aside from that, some of our favorite quintessential goodies, antioxidants are in the form of Vitamins E and A. These goodies can help in the improvement and protection from environmental damage that causes diseases and aging.


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The wild ginseng has long been a prize in Asian cultures. According to Chinese medicine, gnarled root can promote, wisdom, strength and long life. It can be useful when applied to razor burns and sunburns. It is also famous for firming the skin and boosting collagen.

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