Multi-play Must-Haves for Ladies who are Busy and On-The-Go


Multi-play Must-Haves for Ladies who are Busy and On-The-Go

Koreans are people who take at least two things seriously. One of them is work and the other is skincare. Because of this combination, every Korean’s goal is to show up to work looking radiant.

Seoul has long and packed work hours so freshening up between meetings may become desperately creative. Squeezing in a touch-up may make any lady frantically look for a reflective surface in the hallway, duck into staircases and have cell phone camera selfies in the elevator before they get inside the conference room.

When you have to go from work to dinners and back, you have to lay out all your makeup bag’s contents in the back of the dimly lit swerving Kakao-taxi which is Korea’s version of Uber. These times may require an expert level of skincare preparedness. Whenever you are outside the whole day, your skin is covered in makeup and exposed to pollutants for the whole day. Now, what can you do to take care of your skin in the middle of the day?

These are just some of the universal beauty conundrums that any busy person may experience. We now have the solutions wrapped up in a chic packaging that may make fall in love with it.

Honey Dual Lip Treatment

The Honey Dual Lip Treatment may be the only lip product you will ever need once more.

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How can you have healthy lips?

Our lips may not have the same protection as the rest of the skin. They cannot produce oil or have sweat glands and yet they have exposed to the same environmental stress that the rest of our face experience. When we age, our lips lose collagen and then literally shrivel.

Maintain healthy and full lips by providing it with a healthy combination of nourishment and hydration. The Honey Dual Lip Treatment uses the YooChae honey from Jeju Island which is famous for its fresh ingredients and lush landscape. This can keep the lips hydrated, supple and plump from within. The lip treatment is the luxe hip oil that has high concentrations of the rich YooChae honey. It has a sweet and subtle honey scent that lingers but never cloys and is present but not overpowering. It glides on easily and is not sticky. The texture may be somewhere in between oil and real honey. The lip oil can sink right into the lips that leads to long-term lip care and instant hydration.

There is another side which is a universally flattering coral color that infuses with beeswax, vitamin E, and Yoo Chae Honey.

Anyone will love this formulation that focuses on lip health. Make sure to treat your lips well so they will stay plump and full for a long time. You can easily do it with this product.

Intense Coral, Breezy Coral, and Sheer Coral are Universally Flattering Hues

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It may be difficult to look for colors that work and are great for every skin tone. We were able to test on dark skin with deep brown undertones to pale skin with pink undertones. This lip color can be flattering to anyone. You can apply it super-smoothly like a gel. The balm-like product has a hydrating texture that doesn’t compromise the color. It may appear somewhere between matte and glossy. It has a light and breezy coral hue that may make any lady feel like they are in their carefree beach days.

The fun part about this is that you can layer it over or under lip oil on the other end of lip treatment. The lip oil can turn the coral tones into a glossy look for people who want to shine. Wear it with the color and the look may appear like a wet and dewy lipstick look.

The lip alone can leave a perfect gloss on the lips that may not appear thick and goopy but only plump, dewy and healthy.


You may carry the lip treatment anywhere in one piece or temporarily break in so it can fit in the tiniest clutch.

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Next is the Twenty Four / Seven Cosmetic’s Touch-Up Skin Perfecting Cream. It may become a mandatory item for every makeup bag.

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Mid-day Skincare Routine

Even after you have a through K-beauty skincare ritual in the morning, stress and a busy lifestyle can still leave your skin-hungry and parched that it will wait for the care of the evening routine even after midnight. This highlighting cream can feed your skin during mid-day and touch-up with hydrating glycerin. You should have this forever because it has licorice that naturally brightens and fights inflammation and adenosine that firms, brightens and tightens the skin.

Also Makeup

Don’t be afraid to use the shimmer cream because it is full of the skin-healthy ingredients like the serum. Layer it over your existing makeup like the foundation or tinted moisturizer or no makeup at all. It is great to use this shimmer because it is subtle and it can leave your face looking perked up. It has a dewy highlight that you can find in the right places.

We were able to try it on dark skin with deep brown undertones to pale skin that has pink undertones and it had the same impact on any face: flattering glints of light and instant dewiness that are on the right areas of the face. It has a creamy texture that can spread on easily and leave the skin semi-dewy and semi-matte.

It is not highlighting or strobing. This is the fast-track so you can have a dewy look that can put K-beauty on the map. Since it is a Korean product, it is important to add skincare ingredients to the skin-savvy culture.

Tips: Ways to Use

  1. Put it on cheekbones so you can look totally plumped up without the blush or get the complete a bare-faced look.
  2. Apply on cheekbones over blush so your face will look like a healthy flush with a more natural look.
  3. Apply all over to non-contoured or bare-face face over powder, foundation or cushion compact so you will appear like you just stepped out of the shower.
  4. Apply to the T-zone so you can draw attention to the center of your face and make your face appear lifted, more contoured and slimmer.
  5. Put it on the sides of your eyes from the ends of the eyebrows to the sides of the eyes up to the eyes’ outer corner to get a runway model look that has lifted cheekbones.
  6. Apply it to the cheeks so you can have a cute look where you are incredibly radiant and your cheeks look firmed up.
  7. Put it on the shoulders and collarbones so you can have a barely-there shimmer that appears just like the skin but the kind that will make it appear glowing, silky and hydrated.
  8. Put it over contoured areas or bronzer so you will look healthy and sun-kissed in a few seconds.
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