The Top Ten Acne Solutions that Our Staff Love


The Top Ten Acne Solutions that Our Staff Love

Acne cannot discriminate because it can affect every gender, age, tone or skin type. There are surely a lot of die-hard skincare fanatics who want to entrust their complexions only to the best. Here is our Clear Complexion Collection that we hand-picked after a lot of tests. This kit is wonderful for any skin type from oily to dry. You may look for additional boosters that you can add to your acne arsenal to give it an extra measure of reinforcement. Here is a breakdown of the products that we love for acne that may also become your favorites.

1. April Skin Magic Stone

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Here is an all-natural and hand-made soap that uses a blend of oils so you can draw the gunk out of your pores. The soap becaevira in Korea because it can easily remove stage makeup and clear out breakouts and pores. A staffer reported that she was initially nervous using a bar soap but it completely helped in refining her pores and minimize the congestion in her t-zone.


2. Shangpree Black Premium Modeling Rubber Mask

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This came from a top spa in Korea and this modeling mask can surely deliver results. It has charcoal that extracts and detoxes the impurities and dirt from the pores. It soothes the skin and fights free radicals using the licorice, ginger and green tea. You may even have a boost of firmness if you use this clarifying mask with collagen. If your pores look big and your skin veers on the oily side, you may use the active charcoal because it can help drink out all of the gunk so they can appear smaller.


3. Lagom Cellus Mist Toner

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Dermaflux is based on the winning science of Nobel Prize. It can keep the skin super hydrated from deep within. It will be better for the skin to fight off breakouts when it is hydrated. It also has green tea that can repair the skin and protect it by warding off bacteria. Whenever you have acne scars, orange oil, grapefruit and bergamot can help brighten your skin. Moringa oil heals damaged skin and it can help if you have acne. It comes in a hygienic mist bottle that you can spritz after cleansing all over the day to strengthen the skin against acne. It can become your desk side essential that you can apply throughout the day to make your skin look refreshed. It can also prevent your makeup from looking cakey after a long day.


4. C200 Bubble Peeling Pad

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This has lactic acid that can exfoliate the skin to unglue the dead skin cells and help the skin appear clear. It is full of vitamin C that fights inflammation and minimizes acne scars. If you have old acne scars that appear stubborn, use these pads weekly so you can brighten up faster.


5. Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum

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Aloe is an ingredient that can soothe the skin and calm it down before any breakout. Niacinamide can brighten dark spots and fight inflammation. The serum is a miracle worker that can make the skin appear smoother. It can also help minimize flaking that anyone may experience.

6. Mizon Acence Blemish Out Pink Spot

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Here is one of the spot treatments that we love. It has a yellow layer that uses AHA so the dead skin cells become exfoliated and the residue is sloughed off. It also has BHA that can loosen the clogged pores and cut through the sebum. It’s pink layer has calamine that can minimize irritation and redness. The 1-2 combo is a great approach to sap and then soothe. It can become your go-to solution whenever a pimple appears. Put it on before bedtime and during morning so your blemish will become reduced in size.

7. Mizon Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack

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The natural anti-bacterial that can help fight the dark spots is snail mucin. It has 50% snail mucin that may become a lightweight and hydrating skin-transformer. Apply this so you can sleep and wake up with a clearer skin. It is wonderful for those who have combination, dry or normal skin types. If you have an oily skin, try out the sister product called the Mizon All-in-One Snail Repair Cream. It sinks in quickly so you can feel comfortable. This can also improve your skin’s overall texture and make appear brighter and softer.

8. Be the Skin Botanical Pore Toner

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If you are struggling with excess oil production and you want to get rid of the shine, check this out. It may be the best toner you ever used that has a gentle formula that doesn’t strip your skin. It can balance the skin and leave a soft matte finish. This product helps prevent the complexion to become shiny and it doesn’t make the skin feel uncomfortable or tight.

9. Be the Skin Botanical Pore Serum

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You may read amazing things about this toner as a serum. The serum can help hydrate and nourish your skin. Using it with the toner can be a power combo for people who have pore-issues and oily skin. The serum also smells divine so anyone would love to put them on. It also has a lightweight texture that you can absorb easily. This can alos control oil production so that the skin will not appear slick in the afternoon.

10. Aromatica Tea Tree Balancing Foam Cleanser

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This cleanser’s first ingredient is aloe that can help soothe and it also has antibacterial tea tree that can purify the pores. It has an organic and unique vegan formula with comfroy root extracts that can soothe your skin. It can make the skin feel clean without feeeling stripped of nutrients. It can help make your skin not become scattered with deep cystic bumps and rashlike pimples.

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