Make Sure to Apply Skincare Products in the Right Order


Make Sure to Apply Skincare Products in the Right Order

Could you be confused about the different steps? These are the steps that our aestheticians recommend to get the best results.

Step 1: Double Cleanse

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Remove all of the oil-based impurities by beginning with an oil-based cleanser. It is an essential step because water-based cleansers may not be able to remove the oil commingled with impurities, SPF, makeup and night cream on your face. Do this to remove all of the skin baggage.

Remove the residual impurities by following up with a water-based cleanser. It is a gentle two-step process that can help skin become cleansed down to the pores and allow the skin barrier to become intact.

There are some cleansers that can combine the two steps effectively.

Get this step right to hav very fast and profound results including more glow, less sensitivity and minimized breakouts.

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STEP 2: Essence or Toner

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Apply a hydrating toner on your skin while it is slightly damp. Korean toners usually balance the pH of the skin back to the healthy ~5.5 and impart hydration instantly.

Follow it up with an essence because they can truly drench the skin with hydration. It is the key to get a healthy skin environment. The essences are incredibly effective in bringing moisture to the skin’s deeper layers.

There are some products that also double as essences and toners. Toners and essences are great in hydrating the skin. Apply a handful of layers and watch the skin plump up and become super hydrated.

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STEP 3: Exfoliators or Masks

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If your skin is now clean, toned and hydrated, you may now exfoliate it gently. You may put on exfoliators as follows:

Sensitive or Dry Skin – 2 Times Weekly
Oily or Combination Skin – 3 Times Weekly
Normal Skin – 2-3 Times depending on how your skin feels during that week

You may use some exfoliators everyday according to the product instructions.

After toning and cleansing, apply the wash-off masks, modeling masks and sheet masks. You may put them on everyday or every week depending on the product that you will use. It is typically great to use sheet masks everyday if you want to have a fast track to get well hydrated skin.

Can you put on a mask after you exfoliate? Can exfoliation enhance the mask’s effects? Usually, the answer to this is yes. However, if the exfoliater and mask are both for exfoliation, it may become too much for your skin.

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STEP 4: Treatments

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After hydrating, toning and cleaning, you may become freshly exfoliated depending on the day of the week. Now is the time to use oils, ampoules and serums. Use these products from the thinnest to the thickest in consistency.

Please note that whenever you apply acids, make sure to put on vitamin C first and then the BHA and AHA. Go from lower to higher pH so you can get the best results.

You may skip treatments or double down if you used a mask after toning and cleansing to get great results.

Usually, the skin will love the pampering. That is because facials involve the massaging of different products on your skin. However, be careful and avoid layering too many vitamin C, retinol-based formulas and acids altogether. Otherwise, the skin loves the layers of nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

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STEP 5: Moisturizers or Sealants

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Since you were able to do a lot of good for your skin, seal it with an all in moisturizer that is right for your skin type. If you have a normal or dry skin, it is great to use a slightly heavy moisturizer especially if it is winter. If your skin is a combination or oily, we recommend that you use the water-based one that doesn’t clog pores. Always remember that the eye area needs a lot of love and always use the SPF during morning.

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