Get a Piece of Korea in Bulacan


Get a Piece of Korea in Bulacan

People with an uncontrollable instinct may be desperate for a needed retreat. If you are, head on to the Shrine of St. Andrew Kim Taegon in Lolomboy, Bocaue.

Get help from people there so you can manage to look for the place easily. You may get cramps from too much walking but never mind that. If the gates are closed during lunch time, look for the guard and he will let you in especially if you don’t look like a mean person.

A pavilion of marbles will welcome you as you get inside the shrine. The statue of St. Andrew Kim stands in the middle. This can hype anyone up. The sight of Korean characters on the tablets and signs can make anyone’s heart flutter.

People may get interested on the life of the Korean saint. It will be great to see a piece of Korea wherever you live. Bring friends with you and they will love the great atmosphere.

There is a small chapel behind the pavilion. You may become hesitant at first but enter the place with a prayer. Upon entering, you will notice that the nuns left their religious things inside. There may also be Korean bibles in the pews. Coils are also present to drive the mosquitos away. Other lanes may become covered in dust.

After walking around, you will feel serene and peaceful. You may eventually find the new sanctuary. A bridge with a wavy pattern will greet you. This pattern appears in other parts of the area. There is also a 7-tiered pagoda on the other end. It represents the holy sacraments.

There is a pagoda -like structure at the other end of the bridge. That place is where you can see the relic of St. Andrew Kim Taegon. Enter it like a typical Korean by removing your shoes and then light your candle.

The churches under construction has a little more finishing needed. However, everything was good to go.

This church can make anyone feel like they’re not in the Philippines. There were marble stones and elegant steps. The columns and pillars looked like the ones at the BCJ Garden in Gyeonggi.

The interior of the church’s elegance was astounding. It has a gold and white combination with Korean-styled roofs. It can make anyone fall in love with the place.

There is a clean fishpond from the church ground. In the middle is a foundation with ongoing construction. It will become the St. Andrew Kim Taegon church once it is finished.

I was able to walk around the area on my own and saw a nun leaving the convent. You may try to call her in English but she may not understand or hear you. Call her in Korean and she will look up and smile.

The nun’s name is Sr. Joanna who came from Seoul. She stayed in the Philippines for more than a year. She may know English but it can be difficult to understand Koreans speak that language.

Joanna has become very hospitable and accommodating. She volunteered to give me a tour around the place.

The trip may turn into something that people would cherish forever. The inspiring trip may help the development of any person. People deserve breaks whenever they are tired.

It was a great experience that I will definitely come back to. Since I can’t go to South Korea yet, enjoying a piece of it nearby is worthwhile.

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