Hallyu “The Korean Way” at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines


Hallyu “The Korean Way” at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines

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Are there people who cannot recognize the song “Nobody, nobody but you” by the Wonder Girls and the “Fire or I don’t Care” by 2NE1? That may be unlikely here in the Philippines. You can even hear the little kids on the streets singing these songs. When it comes to Koreanovelas, I’m sure that Filipinos know some of them. The ABS CBN television network has My Princess, Princess Hours. The GMA television network has Secret Garden, Queen Seon Deok, Temptation of Wife, The Baker King, Full house, Stair Way to Heaven, The Last Prince, among others.

Hooked to the Korean Way

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Filipinos are indeed hooked on to what they call the Korean way or Hallyu. They got influenced by the Korean’s culture, fashion, drama, dress, and song. Filipinos now embrace them. The Korean way or culture wave started in China in the 1990’s. It reached the Philippines in 2003 after the translation of the first Koreanovela in Tagalog. The show was “Bright Girl” in the GMA television network.

Since the 1940’s, Korea and the Philippines had a good relationship. When North Korea turned into a communist government, only South Korea remained connected for diplomatic relations. It is undoubtful that Koreans are welcome to our country. Their numbers may have increased in our country nowadays. Some only have vacations while others study here or stay here for good. Their community helped our economy because of the tourism. They also provided additional employment for Filipinos because they go here to study the English language. Some Filipinos also teach English to Korean students. Filipinos gained in the trend of Korean English tutorials.

Korean Language

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Going back to Hallyu, some people are fond of imitating and learning other cultures. One of them is studying the foreign language like the Korean language. It started when the Koreanovelas became so popular. It may be difficult to look for a tutorial or school that teaches the Korean language. Lots of Filipinos who want to learn study through the internet. Here are some essential Korean words that people may learn:

Annyeonghase-yo – Hello
Mianhamnida- I’m sorry
Sillyehamnida- Excuse me
Gamsahamnida- Thank you

The Philippines now feels the Hallyu fever because of the Koreanovela, hairstyle, dance, music, fashion, and language. The Korean government decided to create a Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines because of this. The center is on the 2nd Floor of the Mancor Corporate Center, 32nd St., The Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Media and government officials attended the grand opening. They published the news to the public who are excited to see the real Hallyu. It started with their traditional dance called “Taepyeongmu.”

In “Taepyeongmu,” the dancer wears the “Hanbok” which is their traditional dress. They offered Korean delicacies and foods to the visitors. The Cultural Center eventually became public. According to Mr. Seong Un Hwang counselor for Culture and PR, Korean Embassy, Koreanovela and K-Pop is not just everything about the Korean culture. Korea also has a lot of history, and they want the Filipinos to know more about them. According to Senator Lauren Legarda, they have customs that are similar to the Filipinos. That is because we are both Asian countries that exchange cultures.

The Cultural Center

Within the Cultural Center is the display of the name “Hallyu- Korean way Phenomenon.” Among the main attractions is the gallery where they display the pictures of the most famous Korean Stars like Chueng Ryeo Won of Kim Sam Soon, Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo of “Stairway to Heaven,” and Kim Tae Hee and Kim Rae Won of “Love Story In Harvard.” If you are a K-Pop Fanatic, you’ll love to go and visit the center. It has a library of DVDs and CDs of K-Pop groups. People will become entertained with the colorful cultural hall. It has musical instruments like the Janggu (it seems like a drum), Jing (looks like a Gong), and Gayageum (String instrument). It also has traditional costumes.

Another exciting aspect is that it has a support center that holds special classes to learn their language. It made the Filipinos avid with Korean Pop Cultural Fanatic to support the center. There are also cooking classes (for Korean dishes) and free K-Pop dancing and singing classes. They will only ask for charges for the music class and the musical instruments. However, the price is minimal and affordable. Anyone who wants to join the class may do so regardless of their age. Some people who enrolled in the dancing class loved the rhythm steps of the Korean dance. People will surely enjoy the class since the choreographers are the real instructors of K-Pop stars in Korea.

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