Filipinos Experience a Glimpse of the Korean Future


Filipinos Experience a Glimpse of the Korean Future

The Korean culture proves that the old and new can coexist wonderfully. It is the message during the K-Ribbon Selection: Constancy and Change of Korea. They have a showcase of the modern technology and traditional South Korean products.

The K-Ribbon Selection have around 120 items in entertainment, food, dinnerware, home decoration, handicrafts, and dressing.

The Director of the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines is Director Oh Choong-suk. According to him, the event aimed for the introduction of the traditional products. Filipinos may not be aware of them. It may also boost our brand awareness in the foreign markets.

According to Oh, she thinks that Filipinos are aware of the Korean films, K-Pop and Koreanovelas. They are aware of the songs, but a lot of them do not know about the cultural products and Korean handicrafts. Oh, and the Koreans want to introduce their food and dresses. It will be the first time for them to present the Korean cultural products and handicrafts. The exhibition will become a fantastic opportunity to sell and introduce the Korean traditional crafts.

According to the Association of Royal Crafts Culture in Korea Chairman, Lee Chil Yong, the exhibit would allow local people experience the imperial culture because of the different crafts.

It will be a chance for them to promote Korea’s rich traditional culture. That will provide the locals an opportunity to see and experience the Korean handicrafts. These are boudoir handicraft, regular papers, and lacquerware. It can be a great achievement of non-governmental diplomacy because of the craft culture.

According to the South Korean Ambassador, Kim Jae-shin, the presentation will become a testimony to how South Korea merges innovations with old traditions. He said that the Koreans want to move forward and keep their traditions. That is the reason why they maintain their traditional cultural products and invent new ones.

The exhibit featured the famous traditional dress of South Korea. They call it the Hanbok. There are also porcelain and ceramic tableware, embroidered fabrics, conventional lacquer bowls, and goblets. It also shows the South Korean cuisine. According to the curators, they do this through boiling and steaming ingredients. It makes sure that the cooking process is healthy.

The traditional Korean crisp from chili, pumpkin, kelp, and burdock is SkyBio Co. Ltd.’s Bugak. It is famous because it does not have artificial seasonings and colors. Korea’s traditional confectionery is the Hangwa. It came from fruit, edible root, sugar, honey, flour, and grain.

When it comes to beverages, there are others aside from the red ginseng teas and popular citron of Korea. The exhibit showed the Baekseju. It is a glutinous alcoholic beverage based on rice. It gets its flavor from various herbs.

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